Why has AP Ezreal been totally gutted ?

I'm not even surprised anymore with Riot's 'genius' champion changing team, so I'm not going too bother writing much. Even if they made changes, they would end up ruining everything else one way or another soon anyway. Just want to make it clear, I'm reducing the amount I will be playing this game even more than I already have. Mainly thanks too their rampant, ignorant, short sighted decision making that has killed the game by probably 50% by themselves over this last year or two - and their longer term tendency of removing interesting build paths and options whenever a champion gets 'reworked'. At this point, when I hear a new champion is getting reworked, my initial thoughts are, I hope it isn't a champion I play. On PBE it shows Ezreal's W has been changed entirely. It now needs too be proc'd, and has a significantly lower AP ratio. Normally, it has a 80% AP ratio and is an AOE skill. It was also major spell that made AP Ezreal viable. Well, that build path is dead now. Like countless other fun things the geniuses at Riot have ignorantly killed and removed entirely when making their 'genius changes' that they probably come up with in a small tiny group without any consideration for the larger playerbase and the mains of the champions. Whatever. You guys have killed essence reaver without offering a replacement, you guys have now killed AP ezreal without a replacement. Quinn nerfs have made her weak, and she isn't a champion you can pick every game in the first place. There isn't a champion in the game I want too play even slightly anymore. Great work geniuses. Keep deleting everything fun about the game. Keep releasing totally unfun overloaded champions that are a pain in the ass too face, simply because your group of incompetents want too 'outdo' each other. Keep cannibalizing yourselves killing the playerbase, because your tiny group thinks they know better than the whole community. Just wait till a company works out a moba-esque Battle Royale game with decent rules. And it is coming! This game will become dead overnight. Can't wait !!!

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