Why do some non tank items have the best Tank actives/ passives?

* Sterak’s Gage {{item:3053}} * Zhonya’s {{item:3157}} * Banshee’s {{item:3102}} * Phantom Dancer {{item:3046}} * Maw of Malmortius {{item:3156}} * Guardian Angel {{item:3026}} * Death’s Dance {{item:3812}} * Runner Up: Seraph's Embrace {{item:3040}} Imagine these effects going on a real tank item. I literally built these on tanks and I felt a whole lot tankier, aside from GA, though I have wondered if building a GA for a tank wouldn't be troll these days. This game has went so much into bizzaro mode with how the game is high damage atm, that I feel a tank would be far better off building items with better gold efficiency and actives/ passives that actually help them. Currently, tanks scale very slowly compared to damage dealers. No matter how much gold you are farming, there comes a point where you are racing against the clock. If there is at least one fed damage dealer on the enemy team, as a tank, you are essentially out of the game and worth as much as a support. {{item:3001}} {{item:3194}} It takes only two full items of a mage to burn through one of these. Pray to God that the mage does not have liandrys. {{item:3076}} This is such a sad item these days. This item was made to stop ranged carries from healing off you back in the day. Nowadays, you die within five seconds. This isn't a sustained damage meta anymore. {{item:3742}} Not worth the gold. Would be better if it had CDR (btw, there's a lot of traditional tank items that were not given cdr. Meanwhile, ranged mages are capping 40% 10 mins into the game) {{item:3193}} Worthless versus true damage and has too big of a prerequisite. {{item:3025}} Not even a tank item. It's just a bruiser item that gives you some armor. The effect is worthless and never made any impact. {{item:3109}} Sadly, one of the best tank items, and it belongs to the support line. Maybe tanks should be building this more. Even gives CDR. Yum. {{item:3190}} Also one of the best tank items. Another support item. {{item:3056}} It's very ironic that in the desperate times of low defenses and lots of damage...this is one of the good tank items left. Yes, Ohmwrecker is literally now almost better than a lot of tank items simply cause they all simply suck on their own. {{item:3143}} If this item had CDR, it would be very good. Right now, it's subpar. Building this against a crit adc or Yasuo, I didn't feel like I was reducing any significant damage from them. It was probably too small to matter with true damage atop it. {{item:3800}} I still don't like building RG. I think it's because having no mr really sucks right now considering how strong mages are. I'm going to touch on damage sources after this, which is another crux of tank problems. {{item:3065}} Niche item. If we had the old Warmog's still in the game, this would be worth the buy. For those who don't know, the old warmog gave you 1.5% max health regen without needing a minimum amount of health. Would be extra good for tanks in this meta. Building 3K health as a prerequisite is too high of a cost. {{item:3068}} The funny part is that once upon a time, Riot considered this item very OP. It was strong, no doubt. Nowadays, I bet you could bring back its original form and it would still be weak. {{item:3075}} They nerfed the return damage and the item has so little health. Not worth even finishing as people just sit on bramble then sell it later in the game. {{item:3748}} I remember a better item and it was called Atma's Impaler. {{item:3083}} I hate the rework of this item. Absolutely hate it. {{item:3050}} Another support tank item that is actually useful due to its support properties. There is another problem with being a tank right now: damage sources. There is so much damage sources that building against them is nearly a headache and way too expensive. Kai'sa is a very good example of being hard to itemize against. She absolutely forces you to split your defenses, even if the team she is with is all AD. True damage forces you to build health on top of resistances. The problem I've realized in this game is that it's a lot easier to reach your power spikes on damage dealers than tanks. Tanks take too long to get to their main items and too much of their builds require a perquisite of completed items rather than components. A Riven/ Jax/ Irelia can sit on components and do their work, while a tank is useless until they have at least one full item. Two if there are more than one damage sources. You're really better off building support tank items and/ or bruiser items these days to make use of your gold if you choose to play a tank. There are situations where you can sometimes play your tank and actually do your job, but not only does it require coordination, it requires the right circumstances, which includes team comps. It's a wonderful day when the enemy team has none of the champs with overtuned kits. It then feels like you're playing in the earlier seasons where you actually survive longer. But most of the time, you will be against at least one champ that can get damage powerspikes fast and make your little tank items look like measly things. /rant

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