A needed rebalancing to Runes and some improvements for Individual roles

Lets be honest.Runes were the big update that was supposed to give more options to players gamestyle but we all know everyone picks the same runes for some champions and some runes are superior(looking at you conq). There are also some playstyles that cant be played since there are no runes to support them.Almost all runes are about giving offensive abilities and the few that give utility or survivability are way weaker than the counterparts. Riot said after the implementation of the rune system they will be able to make new runes easier with great impact but until now it was only revamp and rebalances on the same runes without any addition to the game. The roles that are ignored are supports,tanks and disruptors. You want burst?you get it! want damage to melt everything? its free real estate. Want to support?Play pyke or ap nuker and just kill and no thats not supporting. What can be done?Revamp some runes,nerf others and add something new. Given the current situation without having to make extreme changes I made these changes to take Insipation or even take over. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Precision keystones: -Lethal Tempo damaging an enemy champion grands 5-20% attack speed stacking up to 5 times. At 5 stacks the attack speed cap is ignored unti you stop attacking for 2 seconds. After the effect ends cap is locked for 40-20 seconds. -Fleet Footwork Energized when fully energized you gain bonus movement speed 10%-25%. Your next attack or ability cast grands you adaptive attack power or ability power for 3-5 seconds. -Conqueror healing removed slots: -Overheal when not taking damage or not in combat slowly generate a shield up to 10+(1-10% of your max health) lifesteal and heal effects generate shield in combat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domination Keystones: -Predator Reduce the cooldown by 10 seconds for assist and 20 for kill -Hail of Blades 70-160 attack speed On kill refresh the effects slots: -Zombie Ward Takedonws and assists summons an untargetable ward upon the killed champion granding vision. While in range of the ward gain adaptive power.(stacks when multiple wards are active). Lasts 10-20 seconds. -Relentless Hunter Gain 10 (+5 per bounty) movement speed.Effects are doubled when out of combat. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorcery Keystones: -Phase Rush After the 3 stacks gain movement speed,unitwalking and cc immunity for the 3 seconds cooldown 25 seconds. slots: -Nullifying orb when your hp falls under 30% gain a spell shield that last 10 seconds.The shield absorbs the next spell healing you for 50% of the damage you would take (caps at 100+10% of your max hp). -nimbus cloak After your ultimate is cast gain ghosting and 125 movement speed that falls off over the next 5 seconds. cooldown 40 seconds. -celerity gain adaptive damage/ability power based on your bonus movement speed. -Life flow(new) gain hp regeneration based on your max mana. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Resolve Keystones: -Grasp of the Undying After 30-15 seconds gain Grasp of the Undying. Your next attack or spell heals you for stack value x2 + 5% of your missing health.(half for ranged champions) Each time you take damage reduce the timer of grasp by 1 second(1 second internal cd) After use gain 1 stack.Stacks grand 5 health and adds to healing value. -Guardian Take 5% of the damage nearby allies take in 800 radius around you and accumulate it. Being at 300 range near and ally champion consumes the accumulated damage taken and creates a shield for you and your allies around you when damaged by enemey. -Diamond skin(new) upon taking damage for the next 4 seconds reflect 10% of the damage taken before migration calculations. (minimum of armor value+mr value + max health). cooldown 30 seconds. slots: -Second wind When taking damage greater than 10% of your max health gain 1.5% max health +base value from your bonus health as hp reg per second over the next 5 seconds. Can stack again if take damage again after the effect is triggered. -bone plating every 10 seconds generate a plate up to 5 plates.Each plate grands 2-5 armor and mr.Upon taking damage a plate is removed. -Overgrowth every nearby monster or minion that dies near you grands 0.02% max health each 50 minions/monsters grand an additional 40 bonus health. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspiration Keystones: -Essence of Winter(new) Enemies around you are slowed.10-25% movement speed slow in a 400 radius. Upon getting cced you release a wave of ice encasing enemies around you in Ice for 1,5 seconds.(immobilized)cooldown 40 seconds. -Unsealed Spellbook additional effect each time you change summoners spells reduce the max cooldown of the spells by 15 seconds.caps at 60. slots: -Minion Dematerializer As tested before.Melee grands armor,caster grand mr,cannons grand health. Why these suggestions? Cause its the same thing in all games be it ranked or normal.When I play adc im able to kill anything in under 5 seconds.Even a rammuns with his spikes active 400+ armor and 3k health.Playing top lane also as a bruiser with some champions is easy win.Going tank or support you die for the team doing nothing.Only thing u can do is give vision,feed enemy and make them waste skills on you but you have absolute no impact in the game if you deal no damage. Give your thoughts or further suggestions and stay polite.
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