Supports, AA on or off?

The other day, I was doing my thing in the bot lane. We just had the jg in the lane and pushed the opponents out. The jg and I then took the dragon. I warded the enemy tri-bush and blue buff. Jg went down to clear his camps on my side. The jg then came up for a new gank, we killed the adc, support and their jg (adc had a dbl and jg had a kill). We lost our jg in the process. Both laners were visible, we had priority to get some plates off our tower. Adc decided to back full health and mana. I cleared the wave and took a plate then backed. The adc said to me on his walk back. I can't play with supports that have AA on. I looked at my cs, I was playing Leona, I had 7 cs. It had never occurred to me to think about this. When I play zyra, it can be a problem as she will AA anything that moves. But I generally shy away from cs on any support I play. I do like to have my AA on just so I don't have to think about it. The first question to you all is: Do you play support with AA on? If not, why? The next question is: If I should play with AA off, should it be something settable at champ select or a remembered profile option?
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