To Riot about Ahri

I saw something about Ahri in the new PBE. Are you guys are serious about that adding 20 seconds to her R? I really don't understand. Why you guys always threat her bad. When you guys enhance her, you guys just did a little. But when you guys weaken her, just like killing her. I don't know what's wrong with her. Her dmg all depends on her E kit. After removing her Q's passive, she is already not that flexible any more. If you guys are really add 20 seconds to her R, she will absolutely dead in the front of the game. If so, why you guys giving her a rework? or just deleting her. As a Ahri main, i really felt frustrated. See Yasuo and that fish boy, they have less less cd for their R, but high dmg. I don't understand why you guys are always enhance Yasuo. He is so strong already. This game is becoming more and more unbalance. Why you guys are always hurt Ahri mains' heart? Why you guys are letting more and more people giving this game. Really BAD.
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