Request , another Semi Locked Camera

Semi-Locked Camera
Uploaded by Taylor Doherty on 2015-04-17.
Some people like to play Unlocked camera, another likes the semi locked camera, But there is one missing, It would be great for me and many other players to have a camera like Semi Locked but that allow us to center the camera on our champion, as you do while you press "Space Key" (By Default) Per-Side Offset, Fixed Offset cameras. Semi Locked Camera Just do not center on your champion but gives you back to your last Semi Locked Camera position, It would be good for me and many other players just a (Semi locked + Center on your Champion camera) without removing none. I added an old video that I find about another guy asking for this feature in the past, in case I wasn't clear enough :/. Right now I play Unlocked Camera & pressing space to center but felts meh, incomplete gameplay.
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