Can we keep TeamBuilder too please?

Just thought i'd like to share my thoughts on the new draft mode, first off i love the set up, it looks amazing and much more organized than before. However, it should NOT replace Team Builder and this is why... 1. in Team builder, i get the role i want guaranteed, and the champion i want 2. if i'm the captain, i can choose who i'd like on my team to avoid troll picks and make a balanced team 3. it doesn't allow for innovation games. (Ex. My friends and i love queuing up for team builder as all mid, and sometimes randoms will join us, if they don't like it they have the option to find another team rather than queue dodging for a penalty) 4. it takes A LOT longer to find a game if you're solo queuing, it feels like a lot more work for less pay off ( ex. not getting the role you wanted, getting in queue and seeing a troll pick and deciding whether or not to queue dodge for a penalty, while in team builder just find another team or if you're the captain, kick them) The new Draft mode is nice, but its not replacement for team builder. i don't see why we can't keep both around, i don't want to be forced into a mode i don't want to play, while forced into a role i don't want to play, AND not getting the champion i want on top of all of that.
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