Serious issue that needs immediate attention

Riot, irrelevant for you, but relevant for me -- I'm a working man. My time is slightly important. The grind this season is immense. I've come to terms with it. It's fine, you know. I thought I found a silver lining in the crap fest of this new matchmaking system. 98 LP and so I decided, hey, why not just off role my 2nd position so I rank that up while getting the splash and then do promos for my main role. Oh ho ho ho, well guess what. My time isn't important to you. After hitting 100 LP, I STILL had to play on my main role to enter promos after 100 LP? Is people's time a joke for you? This isn't funny. It feels terrible and it literally made my entire day a whole lot worse. Sorry for being extremely negative, but this was an extremely negative situation and experience for me.
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