Why does everyone hate akali when zed exists?

Literally zed can do everything, has an insanely powerful early game and can EASILY get fed regardless who he's laning against. The only way you can beat a zed in lane is if he's either trash, or you stay 9 miles away from your creeps... Even if you beat him in lane, he can just plant his shadows and easily farm farther away than even an ranged champ could. Since he has very forgiving energy costs, and low cd's he can keep spamming his shadow and spin, or throw and keep poking you down while denying you farm, AND taking farm all at the same time.. and no this doesn't require skill to do.. Once he procs electrocute on you twice with no skill required he can just all in you for an easy free kill... At least akali has to get in your face, and you can outplay her shroud, her shroud has a 30 second cd on it, and when that's down, she's extremely vulnerable, and has no all in potential.... Meanwhile zeds shadow has half the cd, and it triples his damage output when he does have it up. All he needs to do is plant that shadow right on you and crap on his keyboard and over half your health is just gone in .1 seconds.. Akali's shroud allows her to do damage, but she needs time to get that damage down, and the enemy has a chance to at least back off, or outplay it. -------------- "But zeds garbage right now" No he's not... He may not be AS op as he was, but he's still extremely OP... I don't get how I can dumpster every akali in lane with no problem, regardless of who i'm plaing as because akali is so easy to play around, yet zeds can dumpster anyone and everyone with no skill required and everyone thinks he's just fine... "But just dodge his skillshots!" If the zed has half a brain all he has to do is plant is shadow right ontop of you and there is no skillshots anymore. It's just a point and click.... "But he loses all his safety and damage if he does that!" so? he just proced electrocute for nearly half my hp, and can stand safely close enough to his tower that he doesn't even need to worry.. of cours he's still got flash in his pocket too, so that's not an argument... In about 10 seconds he'll be able to do it again... I've played zed on my other account many times, and had zero problem getting utterly sh!tface fed on him, yet everyone thinks he takes skill.. meanwhile everyone trashes on Akali just because she has a superbly easy to play around invisibility for a few seconds, with a 30 second cool down on it.... ---------------- Lets not forget everyone trashes AKali's mobility as well, meanwhile zed gets even more with 70% less cd... Zed can blink to his shadow for an easy escape after crapping on his keyboard right ontop of you, procing his ult, and electrocute + ignite gg I'm out 3 screens away..... Meanwhile Akali can only ult for her dashes, which she needs to even put that damage down in the first place... Yet zed can do ALL his damage + get 3 screens away after.. Akali can either all in, or have safety, not BOTH.. Zed gets BOTH all in max damage potential AND extreme mobility and safety... ---------------- So I ask again.. why is everyone trashing on Akali when Zed is literally 4x more mobile, has 4x more all in and damage output potential, and can play hella more safe more often? If a zed gets ganked, he can just shadow away, which will be up again in 22 seconds.. Akali needs to use her ult, and her ult will be up in approximately 3 minutes, and a large chunk of her damage is gone for those 3 minutes.... She can use the shuriken toss but that actually has a mini delay during the activation before the actual dash comes out, and its less than half the distance of zeds shadow... If she uses her shroud, again that's 30 seconds to zeds 22 seconds, and she loses her all in chance, AND her ability to farm at all if she's behind. Zed loses his all in chance, but Zed can keep throwing his Q out for safe long range farming. To make matters worse, if the ganker has half a brain he'll have the oracle Lens, which reveals akali in the shroud, so you can box her and stop her from getting an E off for safety, and keep running her down... ------------------ Am I seriously the only one here who's noticing these things? ------------------- Edit: I want to point out a few things people keep argueing with that is just blatantly short sighted... "Zeds shadow is easily telegraphed! Akali gets invisibility and she jumps around making her impossible to hit!" So on one end you're telling me not to play around zeds easily telegraphed Shadow, then trying to argue while playing into akali's shroud? There is no difference between these skills.. The shroud is easily telegraphed.. you see it come out, walk away, just like you would with zeds shadow.. don't go near it.. her "jumping around untargettable" is no different than zed being a whole frame away untouchable.. The invisibility means nothing if you don't fight near it.. Don't fight into the strength of the opponent.. duh... that's what everyone argues with of why zed isn't OP, yet then they try to explain why akali is op playing into her strength... dude.. can't have your cake and eat it too..
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