Ok, so yuumi is a little too r%%%%%edly overpowered

Definetly needs some mechanic where she can't just sit afk on someone. I AM TALKING BOTH EXPERIENCES PLAYING WITH AND AGAINST HER Caption this: Enemy {{champion:8}}, going for {{item:3157}} {{item:3065}}, and HP/AP items. What you do? He heals for 1k, he's shielded by {{champion:350}}, if somehow gets low HP gets healed by {{champion:350}}, he won't really jump 1v5 tho, even well fed bcs he's gonna bop, but i do have something interesting to share next Now caption this: You met me in your game, a OTP{{champion:131}} , i proceed to get 2 kills early to fed myself, and i'm against some champ that cannot prioritize {{item:3155}}. I LITERALLY WENT BOT, KILLED THEM 2 TIMES, THEN YUUMI ATTACHED TO ME FOR THE ENTIRE GAME. I LITERALLY RAN INTO THEIR BASE, DESTROYED THEIR INHIB @14 MINUTES, PROCEEDED TO 1V5 CONSTANTLY BCS MY FIRST ITEM IS 99% OF THE TIME {{item:3089}}. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO AGAINST A 11/0/7 {{champion:131}} WITH {{champion:350}} ATTACHED, {{item:3089}}, {{item:3041}} & {{item:3157}} IN HER POCKETS? THEY ALL GAVE UP ON THEIR ITEMS AND STARTED BUILDING MANY {{item:1033}} & {{item:1028}} . I DID NOT GIVE A FUCK, I JUST MURDERED THEM ALL INTO 2V5, WHILE THE REST OF MY TEAM JACKED OFF IN MY BASE. HOW DO YOU PLAY AGAINST THIS? ONE TEAMMATE DOES WELL, YOU ATTACH TO HIM, YOU BUILD {{item:3504}} {{item:3041}} , AND YOU START WORKING ONTO YOUR {{item:3174}} {{item:3190}}, AND LITERALLY 2V5 THE GAME! I DON'T CARE THAT I WAS 11/0/7, WHY WAS I ABLE TO 2V5 WITH A HALF AFK SUPPORT AND WHY DOESN'T THE ENEMY TRIPLE OCEAN {{champion:36}} {{champion:350}} FUCKING DIE? I swear to god if Ryze wasn't in soloQ i would ban yuumi 24/7! Maybe delete a champion that is unbalanced since his release for 10 years, and is literally impossible to fix? Maybe another rework? Yeah, another rework for sure is coming, but still... Also don't come at me with "but it requires to one of your allies to do well", because in many many games, one ally will definetly do well, and then what? Like reall, what? YUUMI NEEDS RULES! YUUMI NEEDS NERFS!
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