Gangplank rant

If you don’t read all of it don’t comment I’m not asking for change I’m just venting so don’t lose your butts over what ima say. Now that that is out of way. I’ve been playing a lil bit of kayle lately and she pisses me off because she feels like season 6 gp. You just q and e farm with her until 11-13 lvl depending on how well it’s going and then you take over the game. Which is ok, she doesn’t feel very fun cause she suffers from right click to win but whatever. Gangplank use to be a lot like that with the exception that you had to be good at him. He was a farm till 13, take over the game champion. And admittedly he was busted. But Over the course of the past couple years riot seems to have nerfed his late game over and over, and buffed his early game over and over. And I hate it. I hate that gp isn’t as fun not cause he is bad but because he is fundamentally not the same champion anymore. His late game is great, sure, but there are so many champions with better late games top lane that it doesn’t justify playing him. Seriously. Why play gangplank when Jax, kayle, nasus, and mundo exist? They all Are drastically easier to play and they all outscale him. Gangplank also has had his skill ceiling brought down so hard it upsets me to no end. I had so many tricks. So many awesome creative tricks. I’d throw a barrel in the red buff bush when we went to do baron cause it Gave me vision and in numerous occasions got me kills cause I had set it up 50 seconds in advance. I’d put barrels down before I backed and would use them to get back to lane with more barrels faster. I would use them as wards. And I was rewarded for my work. Now I can’t do any of those things and the difference between me and a 200 game gp is so much smaller it makes me mad. I put 1.1 million mastery points into a champion for riot’s new rework to be everything he use to be. That is a shitty, shitty feeling dog. And it’s sucks because there were ways around it. Players suggested a mana refund on gp q plus a mana Cost increase to balance his poke for years but it was never seen. Gp is a ghost of himself and it makes me hate logging on and seeing how much time I spent with him. Sorry to be so emo and mad. I do love you riot. This is just something I needed to say.
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