Lvl 34 today and Gues WHAT !?

level 34 2 sivir (for 90 blue essence x2) and 1x gp (for 600 blue essence) **Thanks riot** ! Perhaps that in 2030 i would be able to buy urfwick and that in march i will be able to buy the next champ which is zoe ! i'm a veteran player i had tons of lp. I played a lot and I unlocked every single characters over the years and bought most of the runes (i only got like 120k blue essence) Thank you rito games I Otherwise** murillo** are you there, my boy ? (if you didn't know in the past morello was a lead designer working for riot games. HE was the god of the **nerf hammer** punishing irelia many times) **Murillo**, we need your wise work for new runes, twitch, ''yasuo'', perhaps zoe and OF COURSE irelia :D we all know you love to hit that butt ! WHERE IS DIVERSITY ?! everyone has the same runes every champ has to be played Stricly AD or Stricly AP (you removed all the diversity in ratios). Everyone looks the same players loose their identity ! Thank you riot we all look like bots playing in a simulation... ===> _ **About you !** _ By the way guys can you stop defending riot games when they do mistakes ? ask what veteran players think about riot politics and their evolution. If they fail they have to assume it. If you do not unite we will never change things. Are you a sheep following the god rito ? or are you a human with a brain ? If Americans didn't made revolutionnary war you still be under the controll of a queen same for europeans and french revolution. Don't let Riot Money games screw this game anymore. It was a funny game before and new players don't even suspect how the game was fun in the past... they would be very impressed if they could play vintage lol... If you want Riot to become the EA Games of Mobas okay let them do guys... ===> **From ~~made in US~~ to Made in China politics !** by the way guys did you know that riot games and lol were made by americans ! however a chinese company that only cares about money bought the game in 2015 many of the old riot employees left the company cause they reworked the initial vision of the game and some concepts of it ! many of them work for big companies like blizzard now. some were fired because they opened their mouth and didn't agree with what the chinese invester wanted. since the game has changed a lot !
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