Being a support main feels really bad now =(

I'm a support main and have been playing Yuumi a TON the 2019 season. After playing a few games on the new patch it's really not leaving me wanting to play next season if these changes go live. The changes to Presence of Mind for example. That was a pretty big rune for Yuumi (I'm sure some other champs too). Now it's based on IF a Cloud drake spawns, and IF your team gets it, and IF you were running Presence of Mind it would be too strong. On top of this supports are losing 10% CDR (and bonus damage) on the Frostfang item, and no longer continue to earn bonus gold their items completes. The support role just kind of ends there. I've played the game since Season 2 and only stopped playing once because of changes (Looking at you Janna/Lulu with Ardent Censor) and I REALLY hope Riot listens to the community about the Elder being an absolute kill joy and not fun or interesting, and other items like those I listed above. Just my thoughts on how the game feels for a support now.
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