Do you know about how if you flush a goldfish they sometimes end up in lakes and ruin the ecosystem?

In the Wild, Goldfish Turn From Pet to Pest
Trilobites Two decades ago, someone dropped a handful of unwanted pet goldfish into a creek in southwestern Australia. Those goldfish grew, swam downstream, mucked up waters wherever they went and spawned like mad. Before long, they took over the whole river.
Goldfish invasions start with a disconnect between how people view goldfish and what goldfish are like in the wild, Dr. Beatty said. “Once you introduce something into a new environment — even if it’s a cute, cuddly aquarium fish — it can have quite unexpected, serious biological consequences.” (Direct from the article i cited). This is LITERALLY IN EVERY SENSE, {{champion:223}} You flushed him out of support into the festering lake that is top lane and now hes an invasive species becoming super oppresive and incredibly hard to kill. In my opinion he´s one of THE strongest lane bullies. Beats Darius, beats Vladimir, beats Illaoi, beats Renekton. He walks up to you with his grasp proc up, hits you with his practically unmissable skill shot with a 8 second cd with no cdr at lvl 1 no damage items and kills you in 2 combos with 3 autos and a W. this absolutely sucks to play against. Take one wrong step in the lane and he absolutely stomps you. Not to mention that his q slows AND STUNS.
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