Block changes @Riot

Hello to everyone and this is a QQ thread simply because i can't take this crap anymore. {{champion:80}} VS {{champion:84}} Panth had his block and i am cool with it if it blocked just auto attacks. [But then in 5.22 we got the block ~~changes~~ **buffs**:]( That completely destroys me in lane. I play Akali and every time i am against pantheon I know there is literally zero outplay available. His passive block removes my Q without giving me energy back or doing any damage and just like that 70% of my damage and half my energy is gone. Every time I lane against that thing I am forced into rushing sun fire or omen or something else that gives tons of HP and armor and maxing E while spending 500 gold on pots. I play like a pussy the entire time and just wave clear. By the time i hit lvl 11 and have some chances of dueling him the bastard has already ulted my mid or bot lane 3 times and kills people because I could do nothing against him in lane to prevent his free farm. I also had to use my TP to get back simply because he pokes me to death without ever running out of mana (The holy spears + Corruption pot). Why did his block start removing my Mark ? **It's literally not even mentioned in the 5.22 changes! ** #Mark of the assassin is not an empowered auto attack it's a bloody spell. Why can people block it? How can this be balanced?! No champion should be that much of a counter especially when he relies on zero skillshots. He is literally the biggest lane bully and if your jungler doesn't decide to bless you with a visit you end up suffering for 10 minutes only to go out of lane with less or equal farm and him having roamed with his ult 2-3 times. I never had problem beating him before his Block became bs Q removing nightmare. Every time i duel him without a cannon minion focusing him I literally can't proc a Q. I auto to remove his passive and then throw Q guess what? He stuns me and his passive is back. The he refreshes it with 4autos/spells again and a 2nd Q goes to nothing. There is literally no way to duel that thing. I have tried everything but if you don't have enough damage to kill him without even using Q you are out of options and if you actually try to rush gunblade he will destroy you in lane. Why the hell does Akali have a 3rd hard counter? Grouping with CC and pinks were not enough?! Common Riot if you are not going to give us the rework soon at least fix this. The same thing happens when you fight Shen or Irelia but I can live with those because they actually require skill and timing to block your Q and the blocks are not up 24/7. Seriously sick of that block change counter.
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