Should I play tanks only?

So I was in a state where I wanted to stop playing top lane,but I've played it for two years and I just can't play any other lane (there are not fun to me). I played bruisers almost everytime but now the yare so bad,my win rate is disgusting on top right now,I am more tilted every next game. When I am fed as a bruiser I can't carry no matter how i try usually I get focused when I splitpush or in teamfights. Now because of mages meta on top like Ryze,Viktor,Karma,Kennen and poke champs Jax,Pantheon,Trynda are useless and not fun anymore to me. Should I start playing tanks and be 1/0/1 until 30 mins then only engage and play cc champs that can cc enemy si my team can kill them? Is that a way to win this game? Only tanks?
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