URF Catapult, really guys?

So its been at least over a year, maybe two years since URF mode has been released. Classic URF that is. Now it is finally here, and here is what I see first thing. Look at the new Features like the Catapult and the Epic monsters! Lets rewind back for a second.... I said Catapult. And as soon as I clicked next Riot was kind enough to make a button letting me know I would think its cool and fun to use a dumb catapult thing. The button said "Sounds Fun" on it. Okay Developers, I GUESS IT DOES SOUND FUN since you said so. I guess I don't get to say what is fun and what isn't fun anymore, and I also guess I don't get to use Teleport anymore, because you took it out of the game mode I like and put in a dumb cannon. Why not just release URF the way it is supposed to be, with Teleport spell, and just characters fighting on the Rift, not the Cannon Ball Clown show Rift. Devs, you must think all of us players and fans of the game are a bunch of clowns, because when you release the game mode we all love and miss you add something bad to it as some kind of way of letting us know you know we like the mode and if we want to play it, we will have to use your silly gimmick crap too. Well I am not impressed, and you should think about removing the Catapult from the URF mode as soon as possible, it makes no sense at all, and pisses people off. Or is this you guy's way of getting revenge at all the people who like URF because its better than your core game mode? I don't get it guys... smfh

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