As a Darius main

I am becoming confused. VERY CONFUSED. Playing my champion I know my strengths and weaknesses. I have built in mobility which means once I engage (If I manage to) I have to keep fighting because put it simply, I cannot run or dash away or out manoeuvre my opponents, also I have my inner Q that denies me lots of damage and a huge amount of healing. However, this is traded off for extreme damage and an innate ability to counter tanks. I have small side weaknesses like my long E cd and poor ability to counter ranged as well as being prone to be kited but in the end it balanced off. I counter one champion and lose to another. So, please, explain to me, what the fuck is the counterplay to this bullshit {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} ????? Like, {{champion:92}} has triple my mobility, double my damage, an AOE execute, more range, wall jumps, FUCKING no cooldowns (which apparently used to be her weakness), two forms of CC, a 100% AD scaling shield on, what? a 4 second cooldown?, oh and (wait let me contain my laughter) 'animation cancels', an intended feature btw which allows her to use all her abilities in the span of my E pull lmao. So, what is the trade off here? Where is her 'inner q' that i can dodge? Or her extreme mobility trade off for less damage than other champions. WHAT IS SHE LOSING? Give Darius a fucking dash, see what happens. IT DOES NOT WORK GIVING A CHAMPION BOTH SIDES OF THE SPECTRUM. IT. DOES. NOT. Oh and everyone else complains about ranged Darius ({{champion:67}}) so Im not going to, im trying to forget about her. Thinking about taking 1k true damage in four hits gives me fucking PTSD. Edit: This isnt a thread about how I cant beat them in lane, I can very well hold my ground against some Riven players (Mainly because all her players are just jumping onto the 'high % wr champ' train). Its about the fact that I fucking engage, look behind me only to see both my botlaners wiped out by a Riven that clicked final Q W R only for her to then trash on the rest of my team. Vayne is similar in that she can go 0/10, buy rageblade and still 6 shot anything.
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