So who thought supports needed nerfs early?

Im just curious, who last season was actually thinking "Wow, those spellthief users have way to much sustain and early damage with that on hit passive" and "Awh damn, these relic shield users are healing WAY to much with that massive hp boost early. Don't worry tho! i don't mind getting shoved in". Like, I just didn't think anyone had an actual problem with last seasons support items or the power they provided? They felt good and intuitive to use, you could clearly get ahead from playing well which provided you wards earlier than your opponents and coin was a bit uninteractive but it filled a good niche and gave supports a fairly viable option in losing lanes. In fact, I think people were actually complaining about every other class in the game doing to much damage early and at all stages of the game! not how much supports were doing, but thats alright I guess. Riot has clearly demonstrated they know how to power down an entire roles effectiveness in one quick and efficient move (Even if the timining seemed a bit off?), hopefully they can exercise those same sort of skills to bring every other role into line with the damage it deals early and how much impact they can have on a game too. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}

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