Healer supports need more income

While lulu is a very versatile support who is more than just a healer, I find my gold income disturbingly low. I poked a lot, and clearly I have 15 assists. This 2/2 Garen has 2k more than me and he was afk for the first 3 minutes. This makes me question if janna and soraka get so behind in gold. I'm aware that support items are really cheap compared to carry items, but I'm always down at least 4k on traditional supports, coin makes no big difference for income. Playing brand/lux/zyra I have gold for days though, the poke is endless and i always make cash off it. So how can this be balanced? It would be easy to up the gold support items give but that would give mage supports a huge advantage. After the shield nerfs too not many people play healer/shielding supports. Also I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, healer/shield supports who can play well do well, their heals can be enough to sustain lane (except sona, she has the worst heal with the highest mana cost). Ideas, thoughts, concerns, suggestions? EDIT: Also it's harder to get S ranks for tokens due to this, gold income is a major factor for people who want mastery.
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