Remember people last week claiming that Aatrox's winrate would climb back after a week?

Well, turns out it didn't. Turns out that people actually knowing how Aatrox even works were right in saying he was utterly gutted, but some people last week were too stubborn to listen to it. It seems Aatrox, no matter his kit or no matter how he gets reworked, will always get hate, even if he is, at best, below average in solo queue just like he was before getting murdered last week. The worst thing about it is that it almost always results in him getting a rework to his kit even if he barely needed it at the first place if he would've stayed in the state he was already. Blessed be the day Aatrox will stay at an healthy state without getting stabbed in the back because of pro-play or faulty feedback from bitter players. Edit: the amount of downvotes this thread or anything defending Aatrox gets is just another proof of some people's undeniable and unjustifiable hate for a champion who's users just tried to play peacefully for the last 2 years or so without getting their kneecaps smashed in every 3 months.
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