Should I play easy champion or put time in learning something hard?

I main top lane and i am decent at it about 230 games and 53% win rate,I played many champions but I am scared to go ranked and I only played games not to be unranked and never played again. So while I have time to practice a lot before s9 starts I want to learn 2-3 champions and maybe become otp. So my question is shoild i start playing only Pantheon,Garen or should I put a time into learning something hard like Gp (which i am playing currently and having a lot of fun,but also i have bad win rate) or Rumble? Question is will I be better if I totally master one easy champ or get decent at some hard champion,will I have better win rate on lets say 50 games with Pantheon or 50 games with Gangplank?
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