How is feeding actually defined? How do you get a player punished for it?

Seriously. Do they need to sell all items and straight up run it down mid? What about these r%%%%%s that build normal, walk to lane, hit a few minions then all in the enemy while they're down gold/items/in a creep wave/chase into no vision right to enemy base OVER AND OVER AND OVER in a game? Does that not count as feeding? It's intentional. Their INTENT is to fight to the death no matter what. How do you get these fuckers punished? I've not ONCE seen a report for feeding get me one of those confirmation messages afterwards thanking me for reporting, so what is it? Is that checkbox on the report screen broken? While we're talking about it, why does matchmaking ALWAYS seem to match you up with one of them after you've got a winsteak going? Why does winning punish you? What backwards ass ape coded that shit in? My god.
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