To People Complaining About Support Income

I am curious how much of a buff support income people that complain about their income think is needed. Post how much gold on average you think supports are falling short of where they should be and why you think so. For the sake of having a focused discussion, lets use Plat+ as a baseline, where [average game time including surrenders is just shy of 28 minutes]( Below is more information that can be used by people who care to try giving reasonable answers: So if we subtract 1 minute since gold gen does not start till a bit after one minute, that is 27 minutes for gold generation (rounding up since it is possible to get gold sooner via level 1 fights). So the conversion ration is 1 gold per 10 = 27 \* 6 = 162 gold average across an average length game. The base line minimum income for a champion in the 27 minutes gold per 10 is active is (20.4 \* 27 \* 6) + 500 starting gold = 3804.8 gold. Do refer to [lolalytics]( for item completion times. You can compare with 9.22 by setting the filter to that patch. Just keep in mind the new support items don't show up as a completed item while the old ones did. Check []( (you may need to set filter to support or fix the sorting) for average income numbers. Keep in mind gold is only has meaning because of the power of items bought with it, so the stats gained from completing the quests of the income items do count as effective income for balance considerations. For bonus points take a gander at champions in other lanes on those sites, especially those that get played both in support and in a farming role.
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