Mordekaiser is too oppressive in lane and the rest of the game

Let’s start this off with this: I did not just fight a morde, lose lane, and then proceed to lose because of the morde. I’m salty because I played morde and got m7 with barely any effort because he is just so oppressive in all stages of the game. He also gets VERY boring. His runes and items are always the same every game. Reasons why Morde is oppressive and how to fix it! Also ideas for morde mini rework ahead! Passive: it gives him movement speed??? WHY??? He can shove you out of lane as soon as he reaches 2 because he can move fast enough to keep you in the passive damage storm thing. It’s oppressive! I think removing the % health damage and movement speed and then increasing the AP ratio for flat damage would be nice. Movement speed can be moved to his ult just so he cant be kited that hard when in it. He already buys rylais, so this speed increase is just ridiculous in a team fight. I haven’t mentioned the 40% ap auto bonus magic damage yet because it makes sense for current mordekaiser. He has a big mace and it should deal some damage when he swings it at you. But with ad items opened up to him, it should probably be lowered to around 20%. Q: gains damage as you level. I don’t know why, but this just lets him build one ap item, go full tank, and still deal 400-500 isolated damage per Q. Lower the ap ratio, remove the level damage, and add a bonus AD ratio. Everyone wants ad ratios like the old morde to open up more build paths. This new build path stuff will be addressed later. W: the healing is useless. Shifting healing to his passive, the ability meant to preserve the magnetize ability identity, would make more sense. Every time he deals X amount of damage to champions or epic monsters with his passive, he heals for X amount of health. Maybe for the sake of bringing back more Morde identity, have a percentage of the shield resource he gains from dealing damage just automatically shield him like the old mordekaiser. He activates the ability like he does already do and gets his shield, but he generates like 50% less shield resource and can’t get any percentage auto shield while W is on CD. Blends old Morde with new Morde and makes something more interesting. E: the magic penetration is just there and contributes a lot towards his high damage late game. Also makes it harder to build against him early. Remove passive magic pen, maybe increase cool down late. If the bonus ad ratios are added, morde has more options in items and some of those new items have CDR. Currently, standard Morde items don’t have CDR aside from spirit visage, adaptive, and protobelt if your a chad. If he can buy items like black cleaver, that will have some big impacts affecting how he can spam his spells. Alternate idea for E: a comment below said: remove the pull and make it slow so it just a Darius E. I 100% agree please remove that stupid pull. My enormous hatred for isolated Q: I hate isolated Q damage and love the E idea. So maybe when he hits this new E, it slows by X amount for X time and it marks their spirit for X time. If Morde hits an isolated Q on marked enemies, it will deal 50% more damage. Of course, Q will no longer deal 40% isolated damage on its own. Alternate idea to get rid of isolated Q damage: If we discard the marking spirit mechanic idea and just make the E a slow instead of pull, then I’m good with that. But I’m still not satisfied with getting rid of that stupid isolated damage mechanic. So that means... More Old Morde mechanics! Kinda. After 2 auto attacks, his next Q will become empowered for X time. This Q will deal bonus magic damage equal to the damage of the two autos. The damage will be spread evenly across everyone it hit. Its in the spirit of the old morde Q and new morde Q. It gives morde a little improved wave clear, it still gives an incentive to hit isolated targets, and it gives some of the feeling of readying that third Q from old mordekaiser. R: the stat steal is just a no. It doesn’t ever make any notice difference. Remove it. But let’s combine old morde ult with new ult! Same arena mechanic, but over the course of the ult, the target enemy will take 40% of their max health as magic damage. If the enemy survives the ult, they heal back 40% of the damage they took when inside the ultimate. This is just so that they aren’t just a low health target in the middle of the enemy team if you live. If the enemy dies, Mordekaiser gains 30% of the damage the enemy took when in the ult as max hp until the enemy respawns. It somewhat is like taking their spirit and helps morde have some more damage item options since he can go from a bruiser to a juggernaut with this ult. And the damage item options will also be encouraged because of lower ratios so one AP item doesn’t cut it. Also the reason it only counts damage in the ult is so that morde can’t ult sion or chogath when they are about to die and then get like 800 HP The whole point of this mini rework is to just bring back some of the identity of old Morde and make him less oppressive in lane and outside of ult. A lot of mordekaiser mains left after the rework because he feels so different and he has boring item paths and runes. Also the mini rework idea removes some stupid morde mechanics and his Q and passive damage have reduced AP scalings. He gains some bonus AD scaling on Q and loses the level damage. He gets back some of the old morde mechanics that really made him different from the rest of the roster.

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