Alright I'm sick of this.

For those people who seem to be confused about this, let me just clarify. THESE {{champion:14}}{{champion:54}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:111}}{{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:201}} are tanks. These are champions who most often build all defensive items and will win a game based off of CC and teamfight playmaking. These are indisputably the tanks of the game. When somebody refers to tanks, THESE are the champions that are being talked about/should be being talked about. THESE {{champion:36}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:420}} Red {{champion:141}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:254}} are NOT tanks. These are champions who are taken for their ability to do damage by having one or two damage items in their build, while getting tanky throughout the game through defensive purchases and/or built in sustain. These champions are meant to be tankier while still doing damage because they are meant to be threats to priority targets. Most of them give up mobility and heavy CC in order to have that damage. I repeat, these ARE NOT TANKS. Have a nice day. Edit: Well, it's been a while and this thread is still getting replies, which I'm a bit surprised about. I notice that the like to dislike ratio on the thread is pretty lopsided towards people who agree with me, but about a third of you don't, which is fine. That is your right as an individual. I want it known that I made this thread because of an increasing frustration with the amount of threads on the boards that cry out for tank nerfs. As a tank main, I go into these threads ready to debate my stand on the current state of tanks, only to find out the OP was actually referring to a champion like Darius or Nasus, or even the odd Garen. I know there are alot of you that see these champions as tanks because of their ability to soak so much damage, but you gotta understand. You can't look at Garen and Darius under the same balance lens as champions like Maokai or Ornn. My biggest fear is that all champions who build more defensive items than offense items will be homogenized into the same group by popular opinion, and will be balanced around the same standards as a result. THAT'S why I made this thread
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