Jungle feels off

I don't know i dotn wanna be like oh jg sucks pls fix because I'm not sure yet and that's the reason why I'm making this post to find it the truth. This post is mostly for my fellow jungle mains. I'm aware of the xp nerfs the camps have but can't help but feel really off aboti how jg is rn. I feel like unless I'm gsnking all the time and killing the enemies I don't level up at all. Camps barely give any xp. So in my last game both my mid and botlane were doing fine they were pushing and winning but sadly our toplane wasnr doing so good thing is I could gank top but drake was up and couldn't really leave it to my enemy so u had no other choice but to do my camps until we get a chance for drake. When I did that last season i was fine but now I was like 3 levels below everyone and I couldn't even gank at that point because i was far behind and I was left with my camps and ended up not being able to catch up properly. And even in games where I was ahead doing fine 8 still found it odd how useless doing my camps basically is
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