I hate how the jungle is set up.

**Double golems** I've lost so many teamfights because some idiot wants to run to the bottom of the map and farm golems.. when we are going for objectives. **Grump** Literally the only reason we see 100%-0 burst junglers right now. Tanks and slow clearing junglers suck ass at clearing this without dying. You lose so much health that the enemy jungler can walk in and dark harvest you for being dumb and playing a slow jungler. Plus there's really no downside to pure damage junglers... they get dibs on the skuttles. **We lost, look at the junglers damage** I just got out of a game as support ZILEAN, 16k damage. Our bronze jungler had 9.6k gold, randomly ditched us in teamfights. I wish there was like a PUBG zone we could spawn, so idiots could group up. But no they will play 90% jungle pve, and the 10% is some stupid shot-call to dragon when we all lost lanes. And they'll still have the audacity to call us out for feeding LOL
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