Mages Have Been Powercreeped TOO MUCH

I have never seen a meta where mages dominate every other role. Assassins have a problem of their own too but thats just being able to constantly stack lethality and deal basically true dmg. What happened to resistances in this game? {{item:3151}} this shit deals 2% max hp per second per stack which can amount to 10 or more if you keep refreshing it. {{item:3152}} This item gives way too much for its pretty low cost. {{item:3146}} How are you suppose to actually stop this item when there are little to no cost effective grievous wounds items. Thornmail only gives you 250 hp for 80 armor and grievous wounds and if they attack you they have to be in range of it to work, which means it is ass unless you are jungling or if you are going a high base hp champ which can be good for clearing. Abyssal Mask is way too expensive and the final cost doesn't match up against rabs death cap and lets not forget the two items that makes tanks utterly useless once bought. {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}}. These are so cost effective that even tanks are starting to build them because first off Hourglass has only a 2 minute cooldown for the best active and best build setup in the game and secondly void staff is so cheap that once that tank hits his second magic resist item they already have sorc shoes and morrello and void just to delete you and your teammates with one combo. {{champion:8}} Let us not forget the rapid fire EQ ryze that once he gets three items he starts dealing more consistent damage than your adc. This meta is mage dominated and we know why. Resistances are trash and each and every mage item has been over buffed every single season. Armor is just as much of a joke as magic resist. Do not come to me and complain about mage itemization. Why would you need a different build when your main one is so broken that it beats all other optimal builds for other classes. WHY ARE MAGES ALLOWED TO 5 SHOT TOWERS WITH 600 AP. THE ONE THING MAGES SHOULD REALLY BE SHIT AT IS KILLING TOWERS!!!! THEY HAVE AMAZING WAVE CLEAR BUT WHY GIVE THEM THE ABILITY TO DESTROY TOWERS LIKE A FUCKING TRIST!!!
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