A (seemingly) unpopular opinion regarding the Yuumi Changes on the PBE

So I'm noticing every Yuumi main coming out of the woodwork to talk about these changes to her, and everyone's so critical of them it's silly. I took a hiatus from her because I figured I wanted to brush up on other supports. That and her current state is just lackluster on her own. But now she has so much more to her kit. Yeah her W has vulnerabilities now late-game, but honestly they've made up for it with a "Pick-and-stick" design philosophy. And her Q isn't BS anymore. It was super-toxic in its current state, even allowing you to poke enemy champions under their own turret. Now it's a lot less toxic, and not the main focus of her decision-making lane-phase. Her heal actually holds more value now for her effective DPS because it boosts her marksman's DPS. Though I'm not sure why people were ever talking about her damage output when she's supposed to be an enchantress, not a mage. Not to mention the numbers buffs across the board. I'm actually excited to play her again now. Why's everyone so apprehensive to these changes?
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