From Pro Prespective, Ryze need serious nerf for how much damage he does and how its easy to applie

1. So i watched World this seaso, There's was alot interesting game and there's alot of R%%%%%eed champion no doupt But between them all My god isnt this champ {{champion:13}} just broken to the point of auto win, He's current seeding on 65.2 % wr with 35 % pick rate and 40 % ban rate. Ok, But {{champion:13}} Suppose to be hard champion like {{champion:92}} {{champion:238}} That reward u from Being good on it And it becomes broken on hands of good Player, Can someone Please explain to me How's press point click then an other point click then skillshoot on stuned target Hard to play ? or Why its so rewarding, i just watched caps has {{item:3070}} does 70 % {{champion:145}} health in e w q, Whats even more crazy, its doesnt matter how Magic resist u build, he'll kill u no no time and Because of stupid his damage, Some player Just build {{item:3800}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3110}} On him And be unkillable While letarly bursting down his oppunite because {{champion:13}} Base Damage is so high and easy to applie, he has insane wave clear making him perma shove early game, he's power spike is {{item:3070}}, he's impossible to catch and perma cuttin bc of phase rush Not being nerfed yet on range champ for some reason, After all i just said, Can someone tell me how's this not being nerfed and remain Not Being nerfed and just tearing pro Play, i forget to mention he has point Click cc, How's this fair gameplay or not being nerfed

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