Small swain ult change

Swain isn’t in a great space but riot has said that they can’t find room in his kit to buff him. After picking him up again and having tons of fun I had 1 idea that would make him much more interesting to play and play against that would buff him without breaking him. Right now swain ult has him drain the 3 nearest enemies prioritizing champions. The first idea was to increase this number, but if that was done swain would be able to heal such a crazy amount that it wouldn’t be reasonable. He’s have the press r to get out of jail free card like old aatrox. So what if the number of people he can drain is based on the number of souls he has. In lane phase this is not a buff. Swain works the exact same. If you gank him with only 1 soul however, he is weaker than live. (He rarely has 1 soul by the time his ult is up tho) Similarly in skirmishes and 3v3s swain would be the same or worse than he is on live servers. However If swain manages to break into a teamfight with 4 souls he’ll be noticeably better than he is on live and if he manages to do so with all 5 he’ll have the best drain in the game for 12 seconds. The reason this doesn’t break him is because if he has 5 souls he still needs 5 champs in his ult to heal for absolute insanity. Additionally swain will still lack mobility. Meaning a good cc champ can neutralize a lot of his ult potency by keeping him out of the enemy team. In turn the healing on minions would be further reduced so that swain can’t abuse that. I think this keeps swain balanced and interesting while adding more counterplay and skill to his kit. What do you think senpai rito?
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