Why does it seem like Aram one sided stomps are 100x more often/worse than ever?

Ever since these recent patches hit... I've only played maybe 3 ARAM games out of probably 60+, that wasn't a completely, undeniable, absolute one sided stompfest Whether it was my side that was doing the stomping, or the enemies, it's gotten very very boring, and pointless. This is an absolutely unmistakeable change from how aram was before... one sided stomps did occur, but NO WHERE NEAR this often, or as bad when they did happen. And when I say one sided stomp... I mean it's literally decided before the match even begins, with no chance whatsoever for the one losing side to play exceptionally well and maybe do ok if they play safe (which WAY less people are doing now for some reason too), or come back after an early domination. And I know some people are going to downvote and say "but it's aram brehhhh". But let me ask those people, what's the point in a game mode that's supposed to be casual fun, that now suddenly is no longer _fun_ for anyone, on either side?
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