9.2 nerfs/buffs plan by MappleNectar

"And we're back! Below are some of our targets that we're targetting for 9.2. Worth noting that on top of this we're working on a few larger projects: 1. Reducing systemic damage in the game 2. Slightly lowering jungle influence 3. High MMR game pacing 4. Marksmen itemization" https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DwWrZI9VAAAGTyY.jpg:large "High mmr game pacing includes things like retuning baron buff a bit and some turret/inhib defense adjustments" https://twitter.com/RiotMapleNectar Ok so let's talk about this list, I feel like Riot is trying to please challenger players and low elo at the same time {{item:3916}} nerf, you should give mr pen the lethality treatment and call it a day. MR pen should depend on lvls like armor pen {{item:3068}} buff, oh boy. what will it be? since 2010 you never managed to balance this item in any possible area (stats, or the passive damage). How about you give it some utility? Make the burn damage apply a debuff reducing enemies's autoattack damage by 10%. {{champion:3}} nerf, listed twice LMFAO. Does this mean that you're going to gut him? good. {{champion:24}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} nerfed for low elo, whatever I don't main them But if you're going to nerf zyra and brand, where the fuck is alistar nerf? "oh but they're nerfing targon" are you fucking serious? So you're going to nerf {{champion:111}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} because of alistar and pyke? what the fuck is happening, you're nerfing RAKAN for high elo players, but you're not nerfing Alistar? This is a failed plan, Leona does not deserve a nerf because of Alistar this is really fucked up. {{champion:36}} buff, STOP. you've tried enough times already. Everytime it's the same outcome MUNDO CANNOT BE BUFFED. You can't even balance him between LCS and solo queue, everytime he has 49% or 50% win rate in solo queue he's permabanned in pro. This champion should not be buffed, just like Galio
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