Riot, if you only have one takeaway from this season, please let it be this

Playing without tanks fucking sucks. I get that the edgelords all need to have their time in the sun, but jfc, its so insanely painful to play this game where more than half the time, you don't even have a front line to work with. I get it. You think its fun to see .75 - .50 combat timers in your death reacap. Whatever. I just want at least a handful of champs that have the tools to defend me or others against that shit. Or just make a fucking support champ that has a flat ability to actually tank for their team. If you can make assassin supports that are impossible to kill, that you constantly force out of solo lanes, then you can do the same with a defensive support tank. If you dont want to change the damage, at least give me a viable freaking Vanguard to work with. They are all garbage right now, in a meta where they should be thriving.
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