Please rethink what bust damage is supposed to be and should do in game.

This goes for every champion but in general if any champion is able to kill "most" other champions in a couple seconds or less it will and now has created alot of problems. There is little skill expression, one players small mistake leads to everyone getting killed and fights aren't satisfying. How this game is fundamentally played needs to change. What we now think of One shots, needs to go away, 100 to 0 health in a second needs to be a thing of the past. To start there needs to be a massive increase to every single champions Health and Armor/MR. New balancing issues will arise because of this but then those can be fixed like a Rough gem being polished, Right now Riot is trying polish a rock, making this rock as pretty as possible. Throw away the rock. Bring the game back to longer fights, but keeping the current total game time the same.
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