So LB mains and Rengar mains were dissatisfied with the rework they got

And then get reverts/partial reverts but {{champion:82}} gets a rework no one wanted and that everyone asked to get reverted, but are left to rot for 3 years as an absolute mess despite how vehemently it was disliked whilst morde bot mains abuse it for freelo by getting carried by their butt-buddy supports while saying 'hes fine no work needed', The rework you guys gave him fucked his design space for interesting features, and yet we are alienated when we seek compromises, and close any books to buff his ORIGINAL solo-lane playstyle and terminate the cancerous cyst-ridden pile of feces that is Morde bot hes a juggernaut, hes SUPPOSED to be OPPRESSIVE AND PUNISHING in lane to those that dont respect him, like DARIUS, not just completely ignored in the same aspect you Rioters do yourselves! why is it that we get left in a hole with this...mess while champions like fizz/LB/Rengar/yasuo are all getting work done for no reason but to make them 'feel good' You know what doesnt feel good? Having no mobility, cc, keystone, or SINGULAR IDENTITY AND YET STILL HEARING NOTHING IN THE WAY OF CHANGES FOR YEARS ON END how long are we supposed to wait before this veil of hopelessness can be lifted? how long before the true mordekaiser mains can feel satisfied with the champion we fell in love with thematically, but can barely stand to tolerate in game? No playstyle except a hyper-snowball carry in the bot lane who relies on a dragon gimick to end a game before the crushed bot lane finds a way back into the game and are rewarded with the fact they CONSISTENTLY RELY ON THE SKILL OF THEIR DUO PARTNER MANY TIMES OVER THEIR OWN. its sucks so much to get jelous over popular champions getting what they want when they were left in an overall better state than morde was to begin with! Any word at all on anything we can be hopeful for would be nice in the meantime...Im sorry if I sound disrespectful to you as well, I have grown rather hopeless as a morde fanatic and it weighs heavily on my mind that the rework will not appeal to me. Edit: This isnt even a post about him getting a revert, its about him getting a COMPROMISE for the benefit of his own mains.
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