I cant stop losing and i'm sick of it

I am a gold player, struggling to rank up but it's very hard for me sometimes i am doing bad, sometimes my team is doing bad. but most of the time they are doing bad and I need help. i don't know what im doing wrong, most of the games i have a good score but you can check at the moment my recent matches and that because of my team. I have 700+ games on ranked match, in those games, i was bronze it took me time to rank up. please help me to climb up or give me some tips because I am sick of it and i don't know which champion i should play anymore or even which lane i shou d play. I feel no matter what champ or lane I choose its a loss. i tried to play with carry champs like jax, trynda, irelia its still hard for me because i need my team , i cant play 1v9 its very difficult. please help me, im crying and its pissing me off.
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