About Support Items

Can we get a buff to to tank support items? Why make "tanky" support items that have no tank properties? You give them extra health and extra damage. No armor. No MR. If I want to do damage, then I already have the option to pick damaging starter items. On top of that, the general design just pushes for damaging/poking supports who can proc their item passive a lot more often. When I play AP champs, I'm getting my wards in under 10 minutes and get the upgrade in 20. When I play the "tanky" support items, I can't get wards until the 15-20 minute unless my ADC is beating the crap out of our lane and you can forget about the second upgrade because you get it so late, it doesn't make a difference. Talk about unfair and unbalanced. Here's my suggestion: Bring Sightstone back. There's no reason at all as to why you can't bring that item back. Have it build into the current support items so that you can't get the wards until you buy the wards portion of the item and so you don't waste a slot on wards. Also, why remove Ancient coin's passive for an item? You want more interaction? Play a more interactive support. There are supports and ADC dynamics that are passive and have to be passive to survive the laning phase and they have to rely on ancient coin to acquire gold since they don't poke or they're the ones who get poked. You're forcing players to just go for damage. How many times must we complain about there being too much damage and not enough tank? I'm not liking the way this season is going at all. They're forcing players to play more aggressive and play the newer champs, which just so happen to deal more damage. They removed ZZ'Rot but let Heimerdinger survive even though he's a better version of ZZ'Rot. They're effectively taking away tanks. They made new items that were all about doing more damage (despite the League community complaining about how much damage is in the game) and you didn't create ANY tank items to compensate. So now the already weak tank class is weaker. Again, forcing players to play more aggressive and go for more damage. There are plenty of interactive and engaging champions. I haven't heard anyone, if I did, it wasn't that many, complain about someone playing too passive. I haven't heard anyone, if I did, it wasn't that many, complain about there not being enough action in games. They might as well remove every champion from the game except assassins and bruisers and remove every item and stat except damage and lifesteal since they want so much action.
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