Champions who missed the mark

{{champion:266}} - Worst offender. His kit missed the mark both thematically and mechanically. Aatrox was supposed to be demon who mind controls warriors on battlefield to sink into bloodlust and leads them to victory. Bloody victory, that is. Lore just screams OFFENSIVE SUPPORT, but for whatever reason, he was made as solo laner. Mechanically, he is either too tanky and dealing 0 damage or he's full glass cannon who dies to first CC. There's no middle ground where he can use his lifesteal efficiently. This has something to do with his healing being too reliable, so adding more power makes him just too oppressive. {{champion:50}} - According to lore he's extremely determined and efficient general, master tactican and stuff. There are like 2 sentences about his bird, but nothing that seems imporant. In-game we got demon-possesed bitter man with all of his abilities centered around his birdo/demon. What. Also, what is even more weird, lore portraits him as front-line fighter (his duel with Jarvan back on crystal scar?!). So is he brilliant general or man/demon frontline fighter? {{champion:7}} - supposed to be using deception and trickery to win. Her passive and W already do this but its too defensive. She's extremely straight-forward offensive wise. She literally throws herself at her enemies... is this something she should do? Also, her passive has much more potential. What if LB gained health equal to damage taken by her clone (only when clone dies by damage), or if her clone accumulated damage taken, reflecting it back to attackers when it dies? Of course they would need direct impact of her abilities to allow this, but it would be VERY cool.
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