New Akali Rework Needs An Immediate Nerf

I'm tired of this endless cycle of Riot creating new champs and reworking champs that are overpowered on release. Why can't they make the reworked champs and new champs underbalanced and just apply the proper buffs later on? Like, it's already bad enough that the 10 ban system doesn't cover the pool of champions that are a must ban. You ban the reworked champs, you leave an extra slot open for another broken or annoying champ to deal with that you hope you don't have to run into otherwise, you're screwed. You don't ban the reworked champ, the enemy picks them and despite them not knowing the champ, they get fed and there's nothing you can do to stop them from getting fed. Who on the Riot's Developing team thought it was sane or reasonable to give Akali an ability that doesn't let the turret target her? I mean, why? Why did they say "Let's make it to where her shroud can block out true sight?" It was bad enough that after the pink ward removal and the control ward integration, you couldn't get sight on her. Turrets were the only thing that allowed you to target her or TF's ult when she shrouded. Now , she can just dive you, sit there, and get away scot free or she can dive you, mess up a combo, shorud, and still get away scot free. if she dives you, unless you have a champ that deals a ton of AOE dmg, you can't punish her for being overaggressive. Despite her getting a buff on her overall damage output, I appreciate her shroud no longer having a gap closer or a get away free card and I appreciate that her healing has been cut down, but blocking true sight? On top of her having some CC? Before, it was tough to deal with her as a bruiser. Just make it even more difficult for the bruiser class than you already have huh?
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