can i get advice on how to climb

i need tips on how to climb guys my cs is good, my kda is alright, i do around 50k damage to objectives but my FUCKING ADC EITHER WENT 0/12 OR JUST DISCONNECTED IN MY LAST 5 GAMES IN A ROW bUT YEAH IT'S MY FAULT FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO CLIMB SO SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO WHEN THE ENEMY TEAM GETS A FREE 3000 GOLD ADVANTAGE OVER ME IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF THE GAME, EVERY GAME I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW I CAN PERSONALLY IMPROVE SO THAT MY 0/12 ADC DOESN'T MAKE ME LOSE EVERY SINGLE GAME I PLAY PLEASE I WOULD LOVE SOME ADVICE nAH MY ADC DIDN'T GO 1/8 NAH MY ADC DIDN'T GO 2/8 NAH MY ADC DIDN'T DISCONNECT NAH MY ADC DIDN'T GO 0/12 NAH MY ADC DIDN'T GO 2/14 yeah i wasn't 5/0/2 in the beginning of most of those games yeah my deaths sure didn't occur in the mid/late game, after my adc already inted and forced me into the 4v6 holy fucking shit i wanna hang myself i guess i deserve S4, huh? clearly any skilled professional would be able to carry games when the enemy is given a free 3000 gold lead on you clearly any professional would get 5v1 focused in every teamfight as his 0/8 adc stands still in the back and win every single time, uh huh, yep that's all my fault i can clearly improve my own play in order to win games like that, right? so please _wHaT cAn i dO tO WiN i nEeD hELp_
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