Strategy gameplay is constantly decline in our game and that's a bad sign.

Champions are becoming overloaded allowing them to do everything, killing a lot of individuality,- with extreme utility causing the big fights to be more and more unpredictable, and the small fights to be very linear shows of dominance. The insane utility in Riots game design disrespects Distance in a way that does not suit the Chess gameplay of Moba. But ofc- players enjoy being spiderman- they enjoy being that problem. So Riot has continued to supply that game-changing demand. > What was once a simple chill 5v5 Chessgame, is becoming more of a jumparound- spellflinging- combat action fueled arena - every year. _**Strategy -~~ not action combat~~- is the long-lifeblood of these games. Its why we play League of Legends/DOTA for 10 years, but get bored of Battlerite after 12 days even tho its combat is beautiful. For the past 5 years, strategy gameplay has been in slow but steady decline in our game.- And crazy action combat fighting gameplay on the rise.**_ Creativity - has also taken many hits, but I find it to be less impactful to the deterioration of the game. creativity and strategy are often the same thing in moba tho- Runes, Builds, and the like. I miss having to choose between Wards, a Powerful item or a quick buff. some Gold-o-time or maybe something crazier. I miss my team being happy when I buy that ward, and I miss my team being mad at me when I Choose to buy some power instead,- because choices are fun. They fuel that strategic feeling. the feeling that your choices - not just your action combat OP SKILLZ - had impact. It's sad looking at the past how League evolved from being actual strategic moba game to battle royale "stomp one lane" game.
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