Hard stuck in Bronze

Zethro - Summoner search results - League of Legends
Zethro / Bronze 2 6LP / 211W 198L Win Ratio 52% / Cassiopeia - 80W 80L Win Ratio 50%, Sion - 83W 50L Win Ratio 62%, Orianna - 23W 33L Win Ratio 41%, Bard - 4W 7L Win Ratio 36%, Gnar - 3W 5L Win Ratio 38%
Hello, just a post about my thoughts about my failure to climb as a player in ranked. I have been playing league avidly since December 2015. I started one tricking Cassiopiea about 5-6 months ago, who is considered a very strong mid laner. I pride myself on having a decent mindset, not tilting over losing kills or getting killed. I tend to stop playing when i get tilted. I don't blame team mates. I am extremely positive. that is not the problem. i simply fail to improve. I have seen the same advice a million times, however it always seems that i get steamrolled by people who just go through the motions and don't make an effort to watch the map or track jungler cs or try to control vision or anything. I was wondering if anyone is/has gone through the same thing.
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