Ranked is "RIGGED" things that repeat themselves(predicting the matchmaking formulas BULL)

When you go in promos the system will match you against players who commonly ban your "MAIN CHAMPIONS". When you go in promos the system will match you against silvers with 20% winrate and enemies with same elo promos to make it a "challenge". When you find a match you are randomly placed in "different queues": let me explain- So when you join you will see at the top right(Estimated:) Now try searching again it will likely be different. This is because they most likely have different queues in the same queue to prevent server lag. So now that you know this what does it mean? Well that means one of those queues has more good players and other has bad players most likely. Try it 1. find match 2. click x button 3. search again different time and it doesnt change when they are randomly selected. What if the troll queue is one of those(EXPERIMENT!) When winning alot enemies often appear to be in a premade because the system matches you against multiple duos to make winning "harder". When winning alot you will be placed autofilled people who would pick ezreal, yuumi, darius ect and feed their *** off. Literally it states "autofill activated". So summary??? Riot gives you bad teams Riot gives you people who are in the wrong role to make it harder on you Riot gives you opponents who ban your mains often Riot puts you in different time brackets for the same queue Riot hates when you win Riot thinks you should stay stuck at a 50% winrate loop to keep buying skins and playing more. Riot thinks you should just keep taking their unfair stuff and watch esports and click on every advertisement you see on the riot games site to fund them. Riot thinks the game is now flawless and as such making it for mobile and considering other games!
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