What's more to say. I dont know what Galio was supposed to function as pre-rework. And I definitely dont understand what it is with this iteration. Galio plain ol sucks. If he's supposed to be played as a support, well then Riot Games nailed it out of the park. Good on ya guys. You all deserve bonuses. Mission accomplished. Good shit. GGWP. If not, then holy shit you guys need to do something about him. Honestly my biggest gripe is his winding up with his E. But he fails as an AP champ and just isn't worth playing as an engager when some other champs performs this role better. You have shit like Kayle, Akali, and Irelia. But then make Galio the way he is. Did I miss something? Can you developers at Riot Games please take a long look at Galio and help him out?
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