My teammates aren't bad, this meta is just very unforgiving

So many times I've complained about "bad teammates" and "inters" on my team, but never have I actually bothered to re-watch any of my matches. I recently did so, and I realized that my teammates can't be blamed. For starters, this meta is so snowball-y that getting counterpicked can easily lose you the game. Don't believe me? Even if you don't die to your enemy laner at all, turret plating gold is worth just as much as kills if you can keep your opponent out of lane. Just five plates=800 gold, meaning even playing safe will punish you. Bounties are also ridiculous. If the best guy on your team dies once, an enemy can easily snag 1000g and come back into the game, or pull even further ahead. Then, with the gold they get, they proceed to 100-0 you before you even get to blink. At this point, I can't even blame people for "inting". When a 2-0 assassin runs at you with four turret platings worth of gold, you're usually fucked. Then you lose map control. No map control=no vision. No vision=you don't know where the enemy is. No knowledge of enemy position= you die in your own jg. Dying in your own jg= CAN I EVEN PLAY THIS GAME?????????? That's why the defeatist attitude/"My games are coinflips" starts happening. Things can be perfectly fine in your lane, even in other lanes, but once someone starts getting $$$ combined with the new runes, your face gets melted off by three abilities. It's harsh and unforgiving, because it means stepping a tiny bit out=instant death, which further denies you gold and doesn't allow for comebacks. Either nerf rune damage, add more defensive options, or nerf bounty/turret gold for the oncoming season.
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