PSA: Mordekaiser has a very simple HARD COUNTER; This is how you beat him, as a laner OR jungler

{{champion:77}} {{item:3091}} This man will run you down. I'm serious. I never thought the day would come when one of the oldest, stalest champion designs in the League would be the optimal pick against a balance issue. I am a diamond 2 top lane main. I take pride in being a very strong top lane duelist. I've been playing League of Legends since preseason 2. (That means the very end of season 1.) While i do not always win my lane, i am usually ALWAYS relevant - even if i go 2/14, i will ALWAYS be a threat to the enemy team and provide pressure for mine. As all top laners should. Only top lamers run ignite and depend on junglers to play their lanes. Memes aside, {{champion:77}} {{item:3091}} is about as much of a hard counter to {{champion:82}} that exists in League of Legends at the current moment. If Mordekaiser leaves his turret, he dies. The only way he can POSSIBLY beat you at any stage of the game is if he runs ignite top, before you have time or gold to build any items. This applies in the jungle, as well. {{item:1419}} {{item:3091}} {{champion:77}} HARD COUNTERS {{champion:82}}. You can literally run him down, though of course if you are able to dodge his very telegraphed spells that'll make it even easier for you. If someone picks {{champion:82}}, just pick {{champion:77}} and run the lump of iron down to the division he's made of. Max Q and W. You max E last against Mordekaiser if you are laning against him. Your constant shields are much stronger than his one, long-cooldown one, and your in-built sustain coupled with the attack speed, damage over time and wit's end bonuses are completely unbeatable to Mordekaiser. You'll heal through grievous wounds. The only way for Mordekaiser to beat you is to depend on teammates to keep you off him. Provided matchmaking hasn't screwed you over completely, any time the enemy team gangs up on you your teammates should be making use of your distraction - or counter-ganking them, resulting in 3+ for 1 situations. Champions like {{champion:114}}, {{champion:164}}, {{champion:39}} and {{champion:23}} should on paper also be very good against {{champion:82}} - but none of these are walking stat-bombs like {{champion:77}}. His key to victory is his sustain, which the others lack without expensive itemization.
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