Most scripters are in silver/gold and you falsely mistake them for smurfs/boosters

Until you see they are 300 games in gold and have only 2 games on the champion that you thought they were smurfing/boosting with and have losses or inting in some games. They are all mostly SCRIPTERS. People pay 200 dollars a month on average to use scripts undetected on a kernel system level(like drivers or even more hidden) **So in order for league to detect these scripts it needs to detect on a driver level or even bios level to find scripts.** But before it can do that, you can take measures to protect yourself and identify scripters.____ So what is their weakness? The key weaknesses to scripters is decision making, macro, vision and reaction of awareness. How can you use these to beat scripters? Well instead of 1v1ing them make better decisions and help your team to deal with them and take turrets/objectives. Also manipulate minion waves because scripts can only last hit or just straight up shove a lane. Take advantage of their lack of vision by flanking them with team. Focus them in teamfights, the scripts have little options to fight a crowd of people attacking the player except a flee key which is all they can do so cc them and end the game Also its worthy to point out that automated actions are very poor in teamfights. Farm kills off their team that isn't scripting and end with your lead.(this is what they call that illusion "my team sucks") but its really the scripters lack of overall awareness to anticipate such an event taking place outside of their mid lane or whatever that they are scripting to get kills in. So how do they play? Like high elo smurfs but they aren't, if you can get to teamfight stage without dying to scripters much and following the above tips they should easily die because scripts can't 1v5 or make decisions. Or just go inside the base and take all their turrets to win. WHAT IS KERNEL LEVEL?

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