Why Patch 9.19 needs to be REVERTED after Worlds!

Patch 9.19 is without a doubt one of the worst, most balance upsetting patches Riot has released to date. Benifitg nobody but those who main the overbuffed champions and clearly dictating what Riot want to be played in the Worlds tournamet. Never have i seen such a collection of unnecessary buffs and nerfs that do nothing but create more disbalance to the already poorly balanced game. Champions who are doing just fine are getting buffs nobody asked for! ({{champion:53}} {{champion:114}}). Champions being trashed into being somewhat viable in only one role! ({{champion:43}}) Champions getting nerfs to important parts of their kit, because of their dominance in pro play! ({{champion:350}}) The entire patch basically reads **"This is what we want to be played at Worlds and this is what you should be playing and will be watching at worlds! Pick these OP shits or lose!"** It's mindblowing that this patch was approved by multiple developers. But i am not surprised, considering Worlds is the one annual time where crazy unnecessary changes can make it to Live. But that does not mean we should allow for that to be acceptable! Let us now analyze some of the more stupid and unnecessery "balance" changes of 9.19: ___ {{champion:53}} **Q - Rocket Grab Range: 1050 ⇒ 1150** **R - Static Field Passive Max Stacks: 2 marks ⇒ 3 marks** _"Blitzcrank is the Hook and should always be even as we release other champions who just happen to have hooks in their abilities alongside other things"_ First of all, changing the ranges of abilities that have never been changed since the champion's release should not be acceptable. Much like the Lee Sin Q range buff some time ago. Blitz players know how to position and play with the range of the Q that they are used to. People know how to position and play around what they are used to. Even the pro players, who the balance team is apparently a slave to, know exactly how the hook works and where it cannot reach and at what angles it cannot grab. Vandiril proved that Riot has no respect for this! NOBODY asked for this change! Not the Blitz mains, not the immobile champion mains, not the pros! Changes in ability ranges can be detrimental to a champion and their playstyle. And i can already see the slew of new Blitz mains who have "loved him from the start". But the stupidest thing was Riot's context. "...should always be even as we release other champions who just happen to have hooks...". Translation: "_Pyke exists and he is unbearable to play against so we're buffing Blitz to keep him in line with the horrible design standard."_. Hands down the stupidest context in the patch. By this logic, Riot should remove Fiora and Irelia's mana costs and cooldowns because Yasuo and Riven exist. Or increase Vel'Koz's ability ranges because Lux and Xerath exist. Unbelievable. ___ {{champion:114}} **Q - Lunge Can now hit turrets and wards (will prioritize champion vitals, ultimate targets, champs, dying minions, turrets, and wards, respectively)** **E - Bladework The second basic attack can now deal bonus damage to turrets** _"Fiora's in an acceptable place when it comes to matchups in lane, but she struggles to convert her lane victories into game victories."_ You can say that about every champion to justify a stupid buff for them. _"Yasuo's in an acceptable place when it comes to matchups in lane, but he struggles to convert his lane victories into game victories. So we made his tornado global and split into three tornadoes."_ The entire change goes against the concept of Fiora being a duelist and shifting her more into being a splitpusher. A boring one-dimensional playstyle that Riot should NOT promote. Fiora should be in the center of the teamfights, or focusing down one target and outplaying them with skill and clever positioning. Now, Riot wants to see Fiora staying at top, Q-ing and righ clicking turrets to death. Congratulations, what interesting Worlds content this will be to watch! ___ {{champion:43}} **Q - Inner Flame Q1 Damage Ratio 60% Ability Power ⇒ 40% Ability Power** _"Nerfing Karma's non-support damage so she isn't so strong as a blind pick generalist. Teams will now have to consider losing a considerable amount of damage if they want to pick her."_ Why? Why is she never allowed to be played anywhere but support? Why are her solo lane capabilities being destroyed? Why is Riot trying to turn her into nothing but a shield bot who deals tickle damage? She is viable for a patch and now she gets her arms and legs broken, because how dare she touch the melee exclusive top lane! Riot is saying she is a "generalist". But doesn't having only one viable playstyle make the champion more of a generalist? This feels exactly like the time Morgana touched mid for one patch and she got nerfed out of it. The nerf is pointless and does nothing but hurt solo lane Karma as well as support Karma, since her poke capabilities are a key factor to her pick rate in the support role. Riot have always said that they want to preserve her "battle mage" as well as her "support" identity, but this nerf clearly shows which one they prefer. ___ {{champion:61}} **R - Command: Shockwave Damage 150/225/300 (+0.7 Ability Power) ⇒ 200/275/350 (+0.8 ability Power)** _"Orianna is feeling generally weak right now so we're powering up her ultimate for the sweet wombo combos."_ Yet another pointless buff nobody asked for. They are not even trying to hide the fact that they're buffing for Worlds. _"Yea, we're buffing her for dem lit playz fam, get used to it!"_ Seriously, who's child wrote these context notes? Orianna's ultimate's strenght should be its utility, not its damage. In a teamfight her ultimate should usually be followed up by another AoE ability. Adding more damage to an already powerful AoE utility spell is a mistake. The "sweet wombo combos" should be about synching multiple abilities together, not melting a team faster. They should be about timing, not numbers. I cannot wait to see Malphite's ultinmate do 1000 base damage at level 1 and Miss Fortune being able to channel her ultimate infinitely. For the sake of the "sweet wombo combos". ___ {{champion:350}} **Q - Prowling Projectile Slow 20/32/44/56/68/80% ⇒ 20% at all ranks Slow Duration 1.5 seconds ⇒ 1 seconds Slow no longer decays over time** _"Yuumi has been a fuzzy menace in the pro scene, so we're nerfing one of the more pro-impacting elements of her kit."_ AGAIN we're experiencing the phenomenon of a champion being overnerfed for the sake of pro play. We saw it with Azir and Kalista, we're now seeing it with Yuumi. _"The pro players don't want it viable so noone will get to play it!"_ And as with Karma, a very crucial part to Yuumi's support capability is being nerfed. But, unlike Karma, Yuumi is completely unable to function in a solo lane or the jungle. Meaning if Yuumi is unviable as a support, she is unviable everywhere. What a glorious way to solve balance issues for the sake of the pros. Might as well disable champions completely once the whole charade is over. ___ Let's not also forget about some of the other unnecessary pro oriented nerfs... {{champion:79}} {{champion:113}} ...And buffs that were introduced, but nobody asked for. {{champion:84}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:4}} While not big or exactly game changing, it's still clear that most of them were intended for Worlds. ___ This patch is a menace to the game! And it is time to let the balance team know it! Because they clearly do not care about solo queue and the casual player's experience. Seing as how much disbalance this patch has created. Fine. Let the pros have their moments and their 20 minutes of fame. But when these stupid, overrated, overhyped LAN parties are over, this abomination of a patch needs to be REVERTED! Save for the skins and the bugfixes. The patch has created more problems and solved none in terms of balance. If we allow this "balance" philosophy to continue, Riot will see it as acceptable, which in time will make the playerbase start to see it as acceptable, leading to a game in which only a certain portion of champions are either pick-to win or unviable at Riot's will. This is NOT how a competitive game should be balanced! And i will not stand for this madness to continue! And neither should you! **_#Revert9point19_**

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